Why not make the most of your time and combine learning English with your passion for performing arts? Study English in the mornings and have the chance to study and take part in various aspects of performing arts in the afternoons.

The English lessons:

‘More than just English’ is what Loxdale courses offer our students. You will learn in a variety of different ways, through traditional lessons and lectures but also through self-study and our English Through programme.

The English Through programme offers you the chance to individualise your learning by being able to choose different subjects to study. These choices change every 4 weeks so you get to try a variety of options depending on your needs and interests. Subjects include English Through …. Reading, Creative Writing, Speaking, Speaking & Presentations, Grammar, Theatre, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Business English etc.

Overview of Performing Arts with English:

During the course the focus of the health classes will change in educational blocks:
During the course the focus of the Performing Arts classes will change in educational blocks:

21 August to 22 September: Dance
25 September to 27 October: Singing or
musical Accompaniment
(need intermediate level on piano or guitar)
30 October to 24 November: Drama
27 November to 15 December: Drama including a final

Singing & musical accompaniment

The teacher is an accomplished piano player and will instruct those who do not wish to sing in accompaniment skills. If you play an instrument to be an accompaniment, you must have an intermediate level for this option.
Singing students will be taken through various aspects of vocal techniques including warming up, producing a quality sound, tone production, exercises, extending range and diaphragmatic support. Tone, arrangement and song structure will all be broken down and analysed. Also a focus on dealing with nerves and anxiety on stage.
Students must be prepared to take part in extra practices.

Drama Lessons

We have a very experienced drama teacher who trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London. The course is taught partly at Loxdale, but mostly at the Southwick Community Centre in the Barn Theatre. This is a marvellous, professionally equipped theatre space, so students are able to work on their acting skills in an inspiring environment.
The aims of this course include developing self-confidence, imagination, individual expression and creativity.

The course is split into different units including:

• Exploring and Developing an Actor’s Skills (always in the course)
In this unit we consider the actor’s use of voice and body to interpret the playwright’s words through a series of structured exercises. This includes working on short open dialogues and exploring different vocal emphasis, different movement and different body language to change the meaning.
• Text Work – from Page to Stage (always in the course)
We work on texts leading to performance of selected scenes in the final week of the course in the Barn Theatre. The skills and techniques covered in the first unit will be used in the rehearsal of the chosen scenes. The choice of plays and scenes will be dependent on the number in the class and the male/female ratio. The intention will be to choose texts that give good opportunities to all members of the class, playing roles that allow them to develop their acting skills.

Different styles of theatre/acting:
(Depends on whether there is enough time to study it and on the interests of the group)
Physical theatre: Work on images, tableaux, metaphor and Expressionism to create non-naturalistic improvised work. We will look texts that allow us to explore physical theatre techniques and develop physical theatre skills.
Commedia dell’arte: A practical exploration of the stock characters and key aspects of Commedia such as Lazzi. Building physical comedy skills. Then dividing into groups to rehearse and perform some Commedia scenarios.
Improvisation: Exercises to introduce a variety of improvisation techniques such as Accepting, Building, Blocking, Thought tracking, Spotlighting, Hot Seating, Rewind.
Mike Leigh: Working in the style of Mike Leigh, the students will create naturalistic three-dimensional characters and then develop these characters in a variety of scenes. Scenes will be edited and rehearsed to create short pieces of drama.
The students work towards putting on a short performance to fellow students.


There is an £80 booking fee on all courses. This is non-deductible and non-refundable.

2 Weeks+


Per Week

Optional Extras:
– Course materials, adults only (£27)
– One way airport transfer: Heathrow (£125), Gatwick (£89), Stansted (£169)
Insurance (£5.79 per week)
– Cambridge or IELTS exam (between £110 and £160)


Please find more information about accommodation here.


£ 86

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 109

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 109

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends


£ 134

Per Week
  • Breakfast with hosts
  • Lunch at school

  • Dinner with hosts

  • Dinner at weekends

– All of the above options cater for vegeterians, low fat diets & allergies
– We also cater for gluten free, dairy free diets, halal & vegan at extra cost of £20 per week

Course Dates

21st August to 22nd September

25th Sept to 27th Sept

30th October to 24th Nov

27th November to 15th Dec

Key Points

  • Placeholder
  • Adults age 16 years +
  • Level intermediate to proficiency (B1-C2)
  • All nationalities
  • Placement test
  • Maximum 14 in a class
  • 20 hours English based learning each week
  • 6 hours health & wellbeing based learning each week
  • Daily homework
  • Regular progress tutorials
  • Personalisation with ‘English Through’ lessons
  • Interesting lectures
  • 30 minute talks
  • Free teacher led self-study session twice a week
  • Use of self-study room
  • End of course certificate showing your level of English

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