Visiting London on a small budget

A cheap day out in London


cheap days out London

The best way to travel to London from Brighton is by train.

get a travel card zones 1-6 from your local railway station. This  allows you to hop on and off the buses tubes and get nearly all the trains there and back to Brighton.


From Brighton station, take the train to Victoria and get off the train onto the tube to Westminster to see the sights.

1. Big Ben

Houses of Parliament and  walk along the river towards Embankment.

2. Jump on a riverboat to either Blackfriars for a look at the

3. Tate Modern art gallery,

4. Borough food market

London cheap days out

5. Take a cruise

(£3.50 with a travel card) to St Katherines dock to see the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

6. Jump off the boat

and hop on a bus towards Liverpool street, see the City of London’s famous city


London East End Markets

7. Jump off the bus at Spitalfields market


8. Stop for a coffee in one of the many cafes there.


9.  Feel the atmosphere where old London and new London meet, the curry houses of Brick Lane, WhiteChapel Art Gallery

 and roads made famous by renowned criminals the Krays and earlier in time, Jack the ripper.


10. See how famous YBA have made


 11. The east end fashionable and have a coffee and watch all the hipsters go about their day.


12. Whilst having a coffee, soak up the history of the old fruit market, and imagine the sound of  the Bow bells church ringing to all the Cockneys around.

13. This area is where the true londoners were born, a miles radius from the St Mary le Bow Church in the east end.

 Cockney rhyming slang

was used as a way for traders in the market to keep secrets. Cockney rhyming slang is made from two words where the second word rhymes with the first, sometimes only the first one is said.

Cockney Rhyming  Slang  – Parts of the body:

North and south=mouth

Plates of meat= feet

Boat race=face

Chalk farms=arms

Hampstead Heath=teeth

Barnet Fayre=hair

Markets in the Eastend



15.Spitalfields market is great for new designers, vintage and quirky gifts


16. Petticoat  Lane is great for a traditional market


17. Brick Lane market on a  Sunday  is like a huge flea market, and you can find anything from a bag of potatoes to some old medals

18. If a curry doesn’t tempt you, Brick lane is full of curry places, a pint of beer may at one of the many pubs and breweries along the route, then a traditional bagel may.

Open all night is the 24 hour bagel shop

 where you can get a salt beef bagel or a cream cheese and tomato bagel and a cup of rosie lee (tea) for less than a fiver. The perfect end to a day of sight seeing. Finish off walking round the little boutiques or galleries along Bethnal Green Road at

Box park

19.   Walk to the other side of the road and head to the flower market at Columbia Road.


20. Jump on a bus back to Liverpool Street Station or stay and experience the vibrant night life as the whole area changes to pub and club central.